AdmiralPowerBoss would like to introduce our newest high capacity extended runtime electric sweeper scrubber, The ADMIRAL 48. This highly productive sweeper scrubber will provide exceptional cleaning capabilities while offering unique features like the Aqua Stop scrub brushes saving you 20% water and chemical usage.

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Provides sweeping with dust control, intensive scrubbing and perfect vacuuming in one pass.

82 gallon solution and recovery tanks allow extended operation time by limiting dumping and filling.

Powerful drive allows climbing ability of up to 20%.

Three separate drive motors for the scrubbing brushes guarantee an even cleaning result.

Two independent .82 HP vacuum motors provide a completely dry floor behind the machine after scrubbing.

Clean line of sight to the left or right of the operator position provides opportunity to clean closer to walls and objects producing a professional cleaning result.


Easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is simple to operate.

As an added safety feature, when the charger is plugged in, the machine is not operable.

Quiet battery drive, exhaust-free fumes and maintenance-free gel batteries are available.

Ergonomic design, user-friendly controls and adjustable seat provides maximum maneuverability and operator safety.

The open operator compartment provides excellent visibility and entrance or exit from either side of the machine.


Aqua-Stop System encapsulates the scrub brush with a ring which retains the water and chemicals longer and produces water and chemical savings of 20%.

Adjustable water flow with pre-set setting allows for maximum use of solution tank which will reduce operator expense.

Easy-to-clean, hygienic recovery tank.

The simple, clear design of the control console prevents operator error and reduces service costs.