Combination sweeper/scrubbers are the ultimate solution in efficiency. The Commander T82 is a total sweeper/scrubber, giving the operator the ability to hydraulically high dump heavy debris while aggressively scrubbing.

Our combination sweeper/scrubbers combine the best aspects of our industrial sweepers and scrubbers. Read about all of our models below to find the best one for your needs and budget.


This combination sweeper/scrubber features a quick load hopper that moves effortlessly thanks to Easy Roll Casters, a quick view squeegee that allows for quick changes and an optional heavy-duty edge scrub that enables easy cleaning near rack rows and walls. The Nautilus’ Quick Scrub feature allows the operator to turn on and off all functions with the flip of a switch and allows for easy changes in brush pressure and water flow while the machine is running.

Commander T90

The Commander T90’s wide sweep path covers a remarkable 67,000 square feet per hour, and the optional side brush boosts the size of the sweep path from 42 inches to 54 inches. The hydraullically-powered impeller delivers outstanding water pickup, and this model features a heavy-duty air cleaner and four cylinder engine.

Admiral 35

The Admiral 35 combination sweeper/scrubber delivers powerful maintenance cleaning. The efficient pre-sweep unity collects lose dirt before the scrubbing brushes provide wet cleaning. Comfortable operation is ensured even in compact areas, and all working functions can be activated with the push of a single button.

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