AquaStopBrushAqua-Stop is a great new feature on many PowerBoss scrubbers. In an effort to preserve chemical and water usage, Aqua-Stop is at the forefront of brush technology. A 50% savings of water and chemical can be expected as the system keeps them where they need to be, inside the brush deck. Water will not spin to the sides of the brush head as is typical on most scrubbers. Not only will you save on water and chemical, but the cleaning power is concentrated at the brush, providing for a pristine path the first time.

The Proof

In October of 2007, the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) conducted professional testing on our Aqua-Stop Technology. Their research found that machines equipped with Aqua-Stop use 20% less water and chemicals than machines not equipped with Aqua-Stop. This water and chemical reduction factor translates into significant economic gains for customers as well as environmental benefits. On average, Aqua-Stop will save customers a total of $31.55 per thousand square feet facility size. While these savings may appear small, the cost to implement Aqua-Stop for Minuteman Customers is even smaller and can potentially save customers thousands of dollars per year — and that’s just water and chemical savings! The reduction of the machine operator having to re-fill the machine less makes this process leaner in all aspects.

To learn more about the many benefits of Aqua-Stop, click here to download and read the full report from the University of Illinois!